My new book, 'Shoelaces' is now available to pre-order.


The poems are written, the book is complete and ready to be sent to the Printer.

This book comprises 100 of my poems, 23 from 'Words, Thoughts, Observations' and 47 from 'Rambling Through Lockdown',  all of which have been revisited.

In addition, there are 30 new poems.

There are poems about my childhood, my police career, the environment, social issues, football, cats, Wordle, bereavement, swans, Covid, homelessness and plenty more.

There is a mix of humour, compassion, sadness and love.

Spread across 200 pages, this book is a showcase of my poetry to date.


It is priced at £9.99 per copy which includes free UK Postage & Packing.

Click this link to order your copy.


Since Rambling Through Lockdown was published, I have done a number of live performances including a set supporting Steven P. Taylor at The Met Theatre in Bury. 

"Richard chooses his words well and writes with feeling from the heart about subjects that he genuinely cares about. Always a pleasure to read."

Steven P. Taylor, Poet



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