Half awake and in my bed

An annoying song spins around my head

I need to sleep again

But to do so seems impossible

That I'll stay awake is probable

Because of the chorus in my brain


I've since found out

And there's no doubt

The song only lasts for 3 minutes 39

But in the early morning

When I should be snoring

It seems to go on for all time


If I could only get to the end of this tune

A different song, I may then croon

One, that's maybe less catchy

But no, just when it felt as though I was winning

The needle jumps back to the beginning

Like on a vinyl record that's scratchy


I lie in bed, my silent curses

This blasted song, its chorus and verses

Repeating, it seems, for eternity

Not long now, before dawn starts to break

Tortured in slumber and fully awake

And driven almost to insanity...


By this 4 hour, 12 inch remix I've created

Of a 1988 Top 3 chart hit, I hated

That's destined to last all night

I try to 'sing' a different song

But it just comes back, it's much too strong

I've got to win this fight


How did this song even chart?

And how did this earworm start?

I've not heard the song for ages

But it won't give up, it's on repeat

As I wrap my head up in the sheets

A battle with consciousness rages


This poem comes without disclaimers

Just like that bloody song by The Proclaimers

But it may provoke some smiles

When later tonight, whilst you are sleeping,

Your subconscious mind suddenly starts singing

"That I would walk 500 miles.*

And I would walk 500 more

Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles

To fall down at your door

Bah da la da

Bah da la da

Ba da da dan di da lan di da lan di da lar dar dar"

© Copyright 2021 J R Easton. 

* © Copyright 1988 The Proclaimers