Right of Way

I went for a walk around the Vale today

and found a barricade


blocking my way

"Private Land", states the sign

with an added condition

as it seems there's "No access, without (your)permission"


But the route that I walk

(as the maps clearly show)

is a right of way

where we're entitled to go

a path that I've walked

since I was a child

a route into nature

to connect with the wild...

animals and birds

that inhabit this place

so many little things

who this landscape,


and who lived in the trees

that you recently felled

so many different species

who in this place, dwelled


Legislation dictates

that our rights exist

The Highways Act

(If you get my gist)

and the Countryside Rights of Way Act

(it's known as CRoW)

Mean your barricades and barriers

Just have to go


Because they are illegal

the RIGHT to pass


I hope this entitlement

will now be respected

and I hope you will remove

the barriers you have built

and respect the visitors

who have witnessed your guilt


So please remove your obstructions

because they hinder our passage

and accept ethical obligations

that came with your purchase...

to look after the land

and the creatures you 'own'

and stop cutting down trees

because it's all just on loan.