Stay at home, for Marcia

I'm becoming increasingly concerned,
About the Coronavirus,
It seems, as more is learned,
Covid19 wants to kill us.

We had Boris at the helm,
The shock as he became ill,
Our Nation becoming overwhelmed,
This Virus is here to kill.

A friend and colleague has already died,
'Marcia' was her name,
She fought, she fought, she really tried,
But it took her all the same.

This Virus is here, right here, right now,
And needs a host, to stay alive,
You need to stop it moving around,
If your family is to survive.

So stay in, stay at home, don't go out,
For the sake of your partner,
your husbands, your wives,
Your parents, your kids,
Your family and friends,
Staying in could save their lives.

RIP Marcia.

© JRE6198 2020 

© Copyright 2020 J R Easton. 

Marcia Pryce.jpg

Marcia Pryce 16th June 1958 - 2nd April 2020